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Honour the Earth
Visionary music by Sarah Hopkins for choir, orchestra, didgeridoo, harmonic overtone singing, shakuh..
AUD $25.00
Reclaiming the Spirit
Holistic music by Sarah Hopkins for cello, voices, harmonic overtone singing, choir, bells, harmonic..
AUD $25.00
Sounds of Global Harmony
The Gyuto Monks of Tibet in a unique collaboration with Sarah Hopkins (cello, voice, harmonic whirli..
AUD $30.00
Sky Song
Unique soundscapes reflecting the vast Australian landscapes. Music composed by Sarah Hopkins and Al..
AUD $26.00
Uplifiting and inspiring music for choir, orchestra, didgeridoo, cello, bells and the celestial Harm..
AUD $25.00
Childers Shining
Visionary music by Sarah Hopkins for choir, orchestra, didgeridoo and the celestial harmonic whirlie..
AUD $25.00
Australia:Sound of the Earth
Fortuna Records, USA. 17071-2 Unique soundscapes by Steve Roach (synthesizer) and Sarah Hopkins (..
AUD $29.00
Sarah Hopkins rehearses Past Life Melodies CD
Morton Music MM3001 A teaching CD - "the Australian piece that has taken the choral world by stor..
AUD $28.00
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